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WING SPAN?	60.3" (1530mm)
LENGTH?	58.5" (1490mm)
FLYING WEIGHT?	5-5.5lbs (2300-2500g)
ELECTRIC?	Brushless outrunner 8Oz. 
PROP 	APC16x10E-17x8E 
LI-POLY 	5-6S  3800-5000mAh
GLOW?	.46-.52 2C  .52-.82 4C
RADIO?	4CH/5S or 4s 1ESC (70A)

Film: German made Oracover, colour stable under sunlight, easy to re-iron, colours available in hobby shop all through Australia;
Material: Imported Ecuadorian Balsa wood,  ply wood
Carbon Fibre material used:
       Carbon Fibre Undercarriage;
       Carbon Fibre Pre-painted Spinner, same colour as the cowling;
       Carbon Fibre Wing Tube
       Carbon Fibre rod in wing and fuse wood structure
Reinforced fuselage where wings join;
Matt Hall's signature laser burned on the fuse;
Free replacement cowling within 30 days of purchase (Terms and conditions apply)
Plenty of spare parts avaiable for after sales service.

Remote Control MXS-R ARF

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"The Sky is not the Limit" - Book - Story of Matt Hall

The Sky is not the Limit - Book - Story of Matt Hall

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Matt Hall Racing Team Hat - one size fits all - adjustable

Matt Hall Racing Team Hat

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Remove Before Flight Collectors Keyring

Matt Hall Racing Team Keyring

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USB stick 4GB blank shaped like Matts Extra 300L 2 seater plane

USB stick 4GB blank shaped like Matts Extra 300L 2 seater plane

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Tours & Activities

OUR MOST POPULAR EXPERIENCE - Be piloted by one of the Matt Hall Racing Team in the Two seat EXTRA300L, where you will have the best view in your front seat. Flights start out with some of the sights of the region and work their way up towards some advanced aerobatics and air race manoeuvres. It can be as Serene or Extreme as you'd like! With plenty of time to get into some more exhilarating moves if you have the courage!

The Ultimate Experience

From $650.00

Lake Macquarie Airport NSW - The NEW Home of Matt Hall Racing!
Want the ‘Ride of Your Life’ in Matt Hall’s amazing Extra 300L? Try this adrenaline seekers dream – the most fun you can have in ten minutes.

Ride of Your Life

From $390.00

Thrill Seekers Unite!
- $659 -
This Newcastle Aerobatics and Skydiving Adrenalin Junkie package includes:
1 x 14,000 ft tandem skydive with Skydive the Beach and Beyond Newcastle.
1 x 10 minute flight with an experienced pilot in the 300 horsepower Extra 300L – the fastest, most powerful and manoeuvrable two-seat aerobatic aircraft in Australia!
If one adrenalin activity isn’t enough for you, why not try this package and get a 14,000 foot tandem skydive over Lake Macquarie Airport as well as a 10 minute flight with one of the Matt hall Racing team pilots.
Freefall over the gorgeous Newcastle from 14,000 feet at over 200 km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds, and then float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up the spectacular beach and city views.
Then experience the thrill of flying in the 300 horsepower Extra 300L – the fastest, most powerful and manoeuvrable two-seat aerobatic race aircraft in Australia.

Adrenalin Junkie Package! (Aerobatics and Skydive)

From $659.00

The Matt Hall Experience is exactly what it says – the highest intensity, thrill-a-minute aerobatic flight that money can buy with Australia’s best topgun and Red Bull Air Race pilot. For the adrenaline junkie or the aviation enthusiast this is where the sky has no limits

The Exclusive Matt Hall Flight Experience

From $1,500.00